Patient Reviews has posted reviews and ratings from dozens of patients of Dr. Perez. Here are a few of them:

hip replacement – Best advice I ever received from my son. Referral to Dr.Perez ended my hip pain with surgery & rehab. Having never been in a hospital as a patient, there was some anxiety. Dr. Perez put all that to rest. The pain experienced was far less than what I had been putting up with for years. Dr.Perez earns an A+ from me.

hip replacement – Sept 1 Dr Perez replaced my hip. He was great to explain the procedure to me and answered all questions. The surgery went smooth and recovery time was fast. I had very little pain. I had already had a hip replaced 5 yrs ago in Austin so I had a good comparison. Dr Perez and the use of the robotic arm was a much easier surgery, mush less pain and quicker recovery. I would recommend him to anyone with joint problems. He is a great surgeon and a very nice man.

finally a surgery to fix another surgery – After seeing several doctors and feeling like I was going crazy, I met Dr. Perez. I was referred by a family member to go see him. I had gone through MRI, X-rays, braces and physical therapy and sent home by another physician. Dr. Perez actually listened to me and decided to operate. I had two surgeries by this doctor (first one revealed another problem) and finally I can move with ease and walk without worrying. Thank you to a great doctor and great staff.

my daughter – My daughter broke her arm and this was a long healing process to prevent surgery. She is 15 and was scared. Dr. Perez is an amazing doctor who kept us calm and comfortable. We are glad we don’t have to see him but we will miss him.

tendon re-attachment surgery – Dr. Perez was very thorough on explaining the surgery i would need and what i should expect. He took time and explained how he would re-attach my tendons on my shoulder and how he would use stem cells to aid in the healing process. He was very insistant to the insurance company that i needed the amount of physical therapy prescribed and this enabled me to have excellent results. I have full movement and use of my arm. He did a great job for me and i would use him again and also recommend his services to anyone that needs a great orthopedic doctor.

great manner! – I saw Dr. Perez thru the ER after breaking my leg, and also now see him thru my work responsibilities with other patients. He is warm and takes his time with patients, making sure all questions are answered and any problems resolved.

Dr. Perez – fully explains diagnosis and treatment plan. Gives patient opportunity to participate in decision making. Will recommend him to my friends and relatives.

frozen shoulder relief!!! – After being in such terrible pain with my shoulder since December, I feared the worst! Went to physical therapy (sent by a neurologist), that did not help! Dr Perez easily diagnosed me as having frozen shoulder, gave me a shot (won’t lie, it hurt), then six more sessions of PT and I have complete movement again! Praise God! The staff at OSTC and in Dr Perezs office are wonderful!

hip replacement – I could not be more pleased after my hip replacement. The entire experience was top notch. I can’t remember when I have felt as good as I do now. Thank you a million times.

best interaction – Dr. Perez was my best interaction with any doctor I have experienced. He was professional, courteous, and friendly. I have never left his office or the hospital feeling I had not received 100% of his attention in every way. He is extremely competent in his profession and personal manner and Wichita Falls has a highly valued member of our community.

torn meniscus – I was very apprehensive to have knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Dr. Perez was very informative and reassuring. Not only did he have pictures but he drew and explained the procedure he would perform and he explained how the procedure would benefit me. I am so glad I had this procedure. I am able to sleep a full night without pain and being uncomfortable. Dr. Perez is very professional, caring, and skilled. I highly recommend Dr. Perez to anyone needing joint surgery.

shoulder – I was very pleased with my shoulder operation. It is so good to not have pain in my shoulder and to be able to have full movement in my arm again. Dr. Perez did a fine job for me.

knee surgery – My Wife and Myself were very pleased with Dr. Perez, He took the time to explain everything, he listened and answered questions. The knee surgery was a complete success. I can walk pain free. Thank you Dr. Perez for a job well done!

excellent doctor! – Dr. Perez is above is excellent! He listened to me and was very caring, I had no wait time and he is the first doctor ever to relieve my pain. 5 star !!